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Off the Bench with Mark Wiggins

Dec 31, 2019

Here we are.. the #1 podcast of 2019  "Black Girl Magic" Vegas is fun already, but add to it  meeting some Dope young women who have something to say, and they are dead set on changing the game,  and BAM, best interview of the year.  Enjoy 

Ep. 66

Dec 30, 2019

In at Number 2.  Meet Jordan Murphy, actor, and podcast host.  This was very in depth conversation about things like the law of attraction, mindset and being your best.  

Ep.  45

Dec 28, 2019

In at Number 3.  Give me a minute to ask you this question.   


Dec 28, 2019

In at Number 4.  Simply forgive yourself for wasted time. Just do it. 


Dec 27, 2019

In at Number 5. Speaking is a great skill to have. However, when you add it to your marketing strategy, it will separate you from your competition.  I'll give you 5.5 reason why you should do exactly that.  

Ep. 69