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Off the Bench with Mark Wiggins

Apr 29, 2019

It's all about ME!  a common phrase that usually is said be those we deemed to be selfish.  However, if you look at what it takes to be  successful,  sometimes you need to become selfish in order to get what you want out. Here is an archive i found where in 3 minutes I give you points on how to make all about you !



Apr 25, 2019

Meet Micheal Dorsey,  Speaker, educator, father, husband and former contestant on the Biggest Looser.  Mike was live at our Off the Bench Live Maryland Edition in April 2019.  Listen in as he talks about his One Click movement and how he had to begin where he was to re-start on this journey. 

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Apr 22, 2019

Speaker, author Coach and stay at home dad  Jonathan (J.O) Oliver. With his new book entitled  To the Little Boy in Me. Listen in as we discuss his journey to the point where he learned he had dyslexia and what life lessons he learned that now serve him in a greater capacity in helping others get off the bench.  


Apr 18, 2019

Parents, there are a few things you need to tell your athlete as they are getting ready to compete on the next level.  The biggest thing they need to know is, what ever it took to get to them where they are now, is not enough to keep them there.  Hard work is still the thing that people over look as a necessary step to...

Apr 15, 2019

When we get sick and tired of things, we make a change. We make a change to what we think we want. But actually everything is how we choose it to be. If that were not the case why don't we change them sooner?  Give me 1 minute to explain.

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